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Where do you go for relaxing and get some food when you live in Chiang Mai with your family?


It’s even a little more complicated when the family includes 3 little guys of the same age like us, yes triplets !

Most of the time we find places where kids are enjoying while we are a little bore. Of course you can reverse the situation but then we have a hard time to calm down the impatience of our little ones.

So, without any seducing solution we decided to create the place we were looking for. In a charming garden sits the playground made of natural bamboo build around a magnificent tree. Kids goes crazy and find new friends.


Grown ups can have a taste of Mediterranean food or Thai food, cooked with organic ingredient as much as possible. Tea, coffee, fruit juices, shakes, smoothies, special healthy menu for kids (yet we also provide junior pizza and French Fries). We made it for people like us, enjoying good food and wine while having a look at the kids.

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